Sara Redman is a Director of SRA Corporate Change, as well as a mentor, coach, facilitator, speakerMC, and author.

Sara’s key areas of expertise are leadership, workplace culture, and corporate wellbeing. Within these areas she has niche expertise in:

  • stress management
  • wellbeing
  • corporate based mindfulness
  • change management
  • leadership development
  • life balance
  • focus and performance
  • strategic planning
  • aligning strategies and values

Sara has devoted the last ten years of her life to honing a unique approach to people development. This approach is based on wisdom collected from thousands of years of human development and refined to ensure specific results for the way in which we live and work today.

Sara’s unique approach encompasses many facets people development, but revolves primarily around personal accountability, self awareness, and inspiration.

Sara holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology (Honours), is an accredited Life Coach and a Pilates Instructor. Sara is also a member of the Change Management Institute. Her corporate career spans more than two decades; over which time she has helped hundreds of businesses and individuals unlock their potential and realise positive change. SARA REDMAN.